Manhattan College is transitioning the sign-in procedure for Banner (INB) so that it can be accessed via your JasperNet ID (Single Sign On - SSO) instead of using a separate Banner username/password (firstname_lastname). Additionally, links to PROD and TEST systems have been better organized for quicker and easier access. Below you will find 2 options for authenticating to the Banner system - JasperNet ID (SSO) or Banner ID (Legacy). Each link will bring you to the same Banner system, however, using your JasperNet ID (SSO) will provide seamless transition between connected systems such as Banner Workflow, Degreeworks, and Self-Service.

Accessing the SSO links below will automatically transition your account to use SSO going forward. Once your account has been provisioned for SSO, authenticating to Banner through the "old" links will be disabled. Your account permissions or level of access will not change, only the way you access the login page.

Please NOTE: Google Chrome is NO longer supported for Banner INB access.

Sign In Via JasperNet ID OR      Sign in with your Banner Username (Legacy)


If you have lost your ID or password, please visit to retrieve it.